Biobanking Effort

What is a biobank and why is it important?

A biobank is a large collection of biological samples, such as blood, tissue, urine, and/or saliva, along with associated data that is stored and managed for research purposes. Biobanks serve as valuable resources for scientific researchers who can use the stored samples and data to study the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that contribute to human health, and, in this case, longevity-centered endpoints.

Biobanks are important for the advancement of science for several reasons:

  1. Biobanks help to accelerate the pace of scientific research by providing a centralized resource for researchers to access large and diverse sets of biological samples. Longevity research is moving very quickly; storing samples now can allow access to new tests as they are developed.
  2. Utilizing outcomes from newly developed assays can improve clinical evidence for longevity products to inform better dosing practices, and eventually personalized medicine.
  3. Biobanking efforts for longevity and aging can help researchers better understand the efficacy of longevity therapies and interventions for age-related diseases. For example, biobanking efforts have contributed to the development of drugs that target senescent cells, which are cells that have stopped dividing and accumulate in the body as we age.
  4. Biobanks ensure that samples are collected and stored under consistent conditions, which helps to reduce variability and increase the reliability of research results. This is important because variations in sample collection, processing, and storage can affect the quality of the samples and the accuracy of the research findings.

Overall, biobanks are an important tool for advancing scientific understanding of human health and disease, and for developing new treatments and therapies that can improve the health and well-being of individuals around the world.

What do I gain from participating in this biobanking research effort?

Participating in AgelessRx’s biobanking effort can offer several potential benefits to the field of longevity science. By participating in the biobanking effort, individuals can gain insight to non-routine biomarkers, such as DNA methylation, proteomics, or metabolomics, that could help them better understand their health and aging risks, resulting in more informed health decisions. Individuals may also gain a sense of satisfaction knowing that they are contributing to important scientific research that may ultimately lead to the development of personalized therapies and better understanding of the efficacy of longevity products.

For researchers, biobanks can provide access to large and diverse collections of biological samples that can be used to study a wide range of diseases and conditions. Ultimately, the collective benefits of biobanking can lead to improved health outcomes, better disease prevention strategies, and more personalized approaches to medicine.

How will my data be used and stored?

Your samples will be stored and coded with a unique numerical identifier code to remove all identifiable patient information. This unique numerical ID will link your sample with the AgelessRx electronic database where all of the data for the biobank is stored. All samples will be collected by a trained phlebotomist and then archived at the biorepository run by our partner, OpenCures, headquartered at 1530 Center Rd., Suite 14, Novato, CA 94947. Your data will be stored safely and will never be shared without your consent.

What is OpenCures?

OpenCures is a for-benefit company focused on providing people the ability to measure their health with cutting-edge technologies for advanced personal health management and research. Currently, they provide scientific assays, biobanking, and intervention services to both companies and citizen scientists alike. OpenCures ultimately aims to provide a platform for longevity scientists to collaborate in order to accelerate the research into ways to prevent and cure disease.

Is there a cost to participate?

You are responsible for purchasing your AgelessRx product for the length of time you are enrolled in the Biobanking effort, but there is no additional cost to opt-in to the biobanking effort. You will not be charged anything without your knowledge and approval, and any costs will be transparent to you.

How long will my samples be kept for?

Archived samples, if not immediately used, may remain in the biobank for decades, where they will be maintained under controlled conditions to preserve their integrity. By completing the informed consent form, individuals are giving permission for their biological samples and accompanying data to be stored in a biobank indefinitely.