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AgelessRx is amazing and way ahead of its time! AgelessRx gave me safe access to prescriptions to treat aging-as-a-disease that I normally would not get from traditional doctors that still do not see aging as a disease: “Nothing really to treat… It’s just part of growing old…

64 Year Old San Francisco, CA

From start to finish it took about 3 days! That’s the consultation (which was super easy & convenient) ordering the products and they overnighted the package to me!!! That’s pretty dang good customer service! I had quite a few questions as well and they replied to every question I had in a matter of 30 minutes. My usual Dr., pharmacy, anything medical related is a complete disaster- so working with Ageless was a relief!

41 Year Old Athens, AL

I had always wanted to find a doctor or a company in the USA who would prescribe metformin to a non-type 2 diabetic patient. I have purchased it across the counter in Mexico and via the internet from overseas sources. I have been reading about metformin for years and was so happy to find AgelessRx to write me a prescription for this important piece of health and wellness supplementation.

72 Year Old Bevery, MA

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