Reduce your risk of heart disease

Simple steps at home can improve not just your heart health, but also your longevity outlook. Learn more with help from our experts.

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The heart of the matter

Manageable & Preventable

Manageable & preventable

80% of cardiovascular disease is preventable with the right lifestyle changes1

Start Prevention Early

Start prevention early

Heart disease can develop as early as our 20s, but good heart health can start anytime and last a lifetime

Heart Health & Longevity

Heart health & longevity

Disease prevention is key to longevity, and heart disease, the most common chronic condition, is preventable

The heart of the matter

How to optimize your heart health

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

  • Avoid smoking tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Exercise regularly (3-5x or 150 minutes each week)
  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight
  • Get plenty of sleep each night (7-8 hours each night)
  • Manage stress
  • Consider our Heart Health Pack to support overall heart health

Evaluate your risk

  • Understanding your risk can guide your prevention plan
  • Early detection is crucial for risk management
  • Take our free assessment to understand current risk
  • Use this free calculator to see your risk of developing heart disease
  • Consider our Core Longevity Panel to assess key biomarkers
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Monitor and Optimize Key Biomarkers

Monitor and optimize key biomarkers

  • LDL cholesterol and ApoB are lipoproteins associated with heart disease
  • Optimizing LDL and ApoB levels is crucial to prevention
  • Elevated levels of ApoB pose the biggest risk
  • Eat less processed foods and sugar to reduce both
  • Consider Atorvastatin to help optimize LDL and ApoB
  • Consider our Core Longevity Panel to establish baseline levels

Control your blood pressure

  • High blood pressure can often lead to heart disease
  • Reduce sodium (salt) levels in your diet
  • Monitor your levels at home and get regular checkups
  • Consider Telmisartan to help lower blood pressure
Control Your Blood Pressure

1 WHO. “Cardiovascular disease: Avoiding heart attacks and strokes.” 2015.

Available treatments

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