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Why do we lose our hair?

Our world is in a constant state of flux. It’s a vastly connected system constantly changing within the realms of various other cycles and stages. Would you believe the same goes for our bodies, and the hair that grows on it? Now, before any metaphysical meltdowns happen, it’s important to understand this is just a comparison to help iterate the idea that there are many factors which impact the health of our hair, where it grows, how much we have, and yes, where it all goes. Your body is a system, and your hair is part of that system.

Hair Loss

Just as other dynamic systems are ultimately affected by any big or small variable, so too is your hair. There’s a wide array of factors impacting why some of us keep our hair, and others of us end up bare. Risk factors impacting hair loss can increase based on:

  • Heredity
  • Age
  • Health and overall wellbeing
  • Nutritional habits
  • Environmental factors
  • Stress

These factors might present themselves in gradual thinning and loss of hair on top of the head, circular or patchy bald spots, sudden loosening of hair, and in some cases rapid hair loss. This can happen to anyone, male or female.

Fear not, there is a solution!

The Powers method

“I would rather help more people than have some trade secrets.”

Dr. Powers’ own words sum up his method and approach better than anything else. His quote offers a clue to his world-wide success, and proven methodology: inclusive and transparent healthcare will always win.

Dr. Powers’ personal interest in molecular biochemistry, his cat-like curiosity for solving complex puzzles, and an inkling toward innovation came together while providing services to underrepresented transgender communities. He saw a deep need for a new approach, and this opportunity unsuspectingly launched him into a successful practice the likes of which has a minimum 2-year waiting list to get in. In fact, his practice is one of the highest-rated family-practice clinics in the state of Michigan.

“I would rather help more people than have some trade secrets.”  - Dr. William Powers

The best part? Dr. Powers takes his own medicine so to speak. This product is ‘heads of hair’ above the rest due to its prescription strength, FDA-approved ingredients, all physician-formulated and tested by Dr. Powers himself. You won’t find his solution anywhere else, let alone via a full-service telemedicine experience with ongoing expert support. Made-to-order, compounded in a certified pharmacy, and shipped directly to your door, Powers Hair Solution is part of a proud partnership between AgelessRx and Dr. Powers, and one that we’re happy to make available to those in need. Need proof this stuff works? One need only glance at his significant following in internet communities to see the effect of The Powers Method.

The proof is in the science

Safely and effectively regrows hair

Positive effects on hair have been known since the 1970s. A recent review published in 2019 shows minoxidil “provides remarkable benefits to patients with hair disorders.” It works at the cellular level by enhancing hair follicle growth, thus reducing hair loss.

Promotes healthy hair growth

A 2020 study showed azelaic acid “upregulated Gli1 and Gli2 expression in the bulge cells and 100 µ minoxidil caused Gli1 and Axin2 overexpression in the bulb region of the hair follicle.” In non-physician speak, this means it helps regrow hair at the root.

Increases rate of follicle growth

By stimulating keratin strength in hair, Biotin is shown to increase the rate of follicle growth. More follicle growth means more hair growth opportunity.

An anti-inflammatory for your scalp

In lower doses, naltrexone acts as an immunomodulator with incredible anti-inflammatory benefits, successfully stimulating hair regrowth in chemo patients and those with autoimmune-induced hair loss.


In a 2019 study, researchers determined that “Phenytoin co-administration was associated with evidence of improved hair growth, increased hair-shaft thickness [and] reduced skin lipid peroxidation” to keep your hair healthy and balanced.

Better alternative to Finasteride

A 2017 comparative review showed, “The increase in total hair count per cm[2] representing new growth was significantly higher in the dutasteride group compared to the finasteride group.”

Powerful antioxidant promoting healthy growth cycles

Considered a powerful treatment option for androgenetic alopecia, melatonin promotes healthy growth cycles, and fights against oxidative stress, helping restore and correct color in hair.


Recent research on female pattern hair loss suggests that bicalutamide is effective as a treatment for androgen-dependent hair conditions.

Promotes Follicle Turnover & Stimulates Growth

A classic study shows, “Tretinoin has been shown to promote and regulate cell proliferation and differentiation in the epithelium and may promote vascular proliferation.” All factors essential for hair growth.

Significantly increases hair density

A 2011 study concluded, “Latanoprost significantly increased hair density (terminal and vellus hairs) at 24 weeks compared with baseline and the placebo-treated area.”

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for collagen fiber synthesis and works to increase the solubility of all the other ingredients in Powers Hair Solution, all without any adverse effects.

How it works

This all-inclusive formula works to create a healthy environment for your hair to regrow and thrive. Every aspect of what creates healthy hair is addressed—from the cellular level up through the follicle and onto the surrounding skin.

For decades, the two most well-known, core ingredients for combating hair loss have been minoxidil and finasteride. And while some brands change with the times, we’ve changed the times.

Finasteride, though effective, has often come with unwanted side effects when taken by mouth. Powers Hair Solution uses a more potent DHT blocker, dutasteride, but in topical form – thereby eliminating the side effects seen with oral finasteride. For Dr. Powers, the new normal is minoxidil and dutasteride as the core. With the highest dual concentrations available, Powers Hair Solution is more effective than using one of these products alone. Plus, with it being a topical formula, the solution stays on the scalp where it belongs.

Skin Cross Section

By reassessing the essentials of what should belong in a hair loss serum, Dr. Powers chose only those ingredients that have shown positive results in the most recent scientific literature, including biotin, latanoprost, and phenytoin, which broadly help improve hair thickness, density, and strength; as well as azelaic acid and tretinoin, which address hair loss at the cellular and follicular level.

An all-inclusive solution means it must work for all genders. By supplementing the core ingredients with melatonin, bicalutamide, and naltrexone (all of which have shown positive results for female pattern hair loss and autoimmune-induced hair loss), this solution expands coverage to treat hair loss concerns regardless of gender expression.

When joined with Vitamin C – which not only improves collagen fiber synthesis, but also unifies the solution to improve its overall solubility – the formula becomes complete and harmonious, with each ingredient complementing each other in a singular, joyous chair. Try for yourself, and you’ll be singing your own praises of Powers Hair Growth Solution.

All-inclusive and high quality ingredients

ProductDosingTheir PriceOur Price
Minoxidil8%$48 – $75Included
Azelaic Acid2%$75 – $255Included
Biotin.50%$42 – $48Included
Dutasteride.20%$117 – $240Included
Melatonin1%$120 – $147Included
Tretinoin.01%$192 – $219Included
Naltrexone.1%$35 – $45Included
Phenytoin.5%$42 – $85Included
Total Cost per Month$348 – $496$120

Important safety information and side effects

All medications have the potential for side effects. Side effects may vary based on the individual.

Most common side effects

  • Minor skin irritation
  • Flaking/peeling of the scalp
  • Initial shedding (followed by regrowth)

Note: This list is only a summary and does not list all possible side effects. If you experience uncomfortable or lingering side effects, reduce use or stop using the product and talk to a healthcare professional.

Other important safety information

Store your Powers Hair Solution between 40 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep out of reach of children and pets, especially cats.

Do not use Powers Hair Solution if you have low blood pressure. Do not use if you are sensitive to or have any allergies to any of the ingredients within the solution (listed above), especially latanoprost. Do not use if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant or breastfeed within six months. Powers Hair Solution cannot be used in cancer patients.

Note: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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