New Research Uncovers How Metformin Can Help the Body Fight Cancer

New Research Uncovers How Metformin Can Help the Body Fight Cancer

Quick overview of what you’ll learn from this blog post:

  • How Metformin is showing promise in cancer prevention and treatment
  • Summary of a recent exciting study in people with diabetes
  • How AgelessRx can help with Metformin

If you’ve heard of Metformin before, it’s likely either been in the context of treating diabetes or in helping to promote healthy longevity. But did you know Metformin is also showing promise as potentially having a beneficial role in the prevention and treatment of many different types of cancer too?

Here are some key findings from studies and reviews over the last decade or so:

While these findings are very promising, the mechanisms behind Metformin’s role in cancer prevention and treatment are not fully understood. However, a recent study by scientists from Japan’s Okayama University has shed more light on this exciting area of research.

Through a series of experiments on cancer cell lines and specifically bred mice, the scientists examined Metformin’s impact on a specific subset of tumor-attacking immune cells (called CD8TILs) and uncovered the following:

  • Metformin activates the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the mitochondria of CD8TILs
  • These ROS activate growth pathways in CD8TILs, thus increasing their proliferation
    (Translation: Metformin helps make more cancer-killing cells)
  • Metformin alters the tumor microenvironment to favor death of tumor cells by causing CD8TIL to robustly secrete interferon-ɣ
    (Translation: Metformin helps cancer-killing cells make more anti-cancer goodness)
  • Metformin’s anti-tumor effect is not through upregulating apoptosis
    (Translation: The way Metformin helps fight cancer is not by encouraging cell suicide, which was what other scientists had believed)

Speaking about the study’s findings, Prof. Udono explained, “More than anything else, our study provides the knowledge that we can ourselves protect our body from cancer. We hope that this understanding will result in not only the reduction of cancer incidence and improve treatment, but also will help prolong our life.”

Impressive science and excellent news indeed. Bravo to Prof. Udono and his team!

As always, our team here at AgelessRx will share additional studies and research as they become available in this area.

How AgelessRx can help with Metformin

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