Introducing Acarbose Daily: What’s New & What’s Right for You

Introducing Acarbose Daily: What’s New & What’s Right for You

Quick overview of what we’ll cover in this blog post:

  • A quick overview of Acarbose
  • What’s new with our 2 new daily plans
  • What are the differences between the plans
  • How to decide what’s best for you

Longevity fans rejoice! Acarbose daily plans are here at AgelessRx, introducing a new avenue of gero-protective potential to the anti-diabetes medication that’s already noted for improving cardiovascular outcomes in diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

But what if we told you that Acarbose had possible benefits beyond reducing sugar spikes and mitigating the subsequent crash? Just what is the gero-protective potential of Acarbose?

Recent studies suggest Acarbose may have extensive longevity benefits when taken at higher doses or more frequently. We’ll explore what these studies suggest and the primary differences between Acarbose As Needed and Acarbose Daily with AgelessRx.

Acarbose – A Quick Overview

In case you don’t already know, Acarbose is an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor.

If you guessed that that means Acarbose inhibits alpha-glucosidase, then you’d be right! But what does that mean, exactly

Basically, alpha-glucosidase acts on starches by breaking them down to release glucose. By inhibiting those enzymes, Acarbose prevents starch from being broken down into glucose, thus blunting the sugar spikes that would otherwise manifest as a headache, fatigue, or even blurred vision.

Repeated, unchecked sugar spikes can cumulatively increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and more. So just by blocking sugar spikes up to 8 times a month – as with our Acarbose As Needed plan – you can reduce your risk of disease and improve your healthspan.

Why Acarbose Daily?

We’ve recently expanded our Acarbose offerings to include two Acarbose Daily plans. These plans let subscribers take Acarbose with one or two meals daily, maximizing the longevity benefits.

You may be asking yourself, “What longevity benefits are we maximizing? Wouldn’t Acarbose As Needed reduce our risk as effectively as Acarbose Daily?”

Sure, taking Acarbose on a daily basis would provide more regular protection from glucose spikes, keeping your risk steadily low. But the potential longevity benefits of Acarbose Daily goes well beyond minimizing glucose spikes. In fact, there’s growing evidence that Acarbose acts on some of our hallmarks of aging to potentially improve not just our healthspan, but our lifespan as well.

Some studies seem to have confirmed this potential in mice as early as 2015: “Chronic [A]carbose treatment relieved these age-related changes, especially with respect to learning and memory abilities.” One of these age-related changes was “decreased serum insulin levels,” particularly as it relates to insulin signaling in the brain, which Acarbose was noted to improve in this and a separate study. Further studies have also suggested that Acarbose doesn’t just reduce our risk for metabolic dysfunction, but improves our metabolic outcomes as well.

A 2022 review took this a step further, suggesting that the existing scientific literature around Acarbose can affect our lifespan: “This review linked inflammation, mitochondria, and telomeres with the gut microbiota…. Acarbose improves the immune system, inflammatory response, and mitochondrial function by affecting the microbiota.” Inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and telomere attrition are all among the hallmarks of aging.

The review went on to note that Acarbose is a “cost-effective method for delaying aging given its potential restorative effects and limited side effects.” Much of the literature cited in the review tested daily Acarbose supplementation.

In 2019, the Interventions Testing Program (ITP) concluded that Acarbose significantly increases lifespan. With Acarbose’s high recognition for longevity benefits, it could soon become the first FDA-recognized longevity treatment.

What’s the difference?

There are several key differences between our Acarbose offerings, and longevity benefits are one of them.

As of now, there are no studies or other literature suggesting additional longevity benefits for as needed Acarbose supplementation (beyond risk reduction from stabilized glucose levels): there’s no evidence of reduced inflammation, and no association with improved mitochondria and telomere strengthening. These are limited to daily use of Acarbose in varying strengths.

Our Acarbose Daily plans include more tablets, offering more control and flexibility over meal timing and frequency.

Our Acarbose Daily plans feature a doctor-guided titration schedule, gradually introducing Acarbose for maximum benefits and minimal side effects.

For one meal a day, you’ll start by taking one 25mg tablet with your heaviest meal of the day for the first two weeks, then 2 tablets a day (2x25mg) with your heaviest meal of the day from then on. For two meals a day, you’ll also start with a single 25mg tablet for your first two weeks. However, for the next two weeks, you’ll take two tablets (2x25mg) with your heaviest meal, then the strength of your tablets will increase to 50mg, at which point you take one 50mg tablet with two meals each day.

Finally, all daily plans will now be delivered in traditional Rx bottles. It will display your titration schedule and current tablet strength. These plans won’t feature tear-away packets, but you should still carry a few tablets or leave some in frequent locations.

How do I know which is right for me?

Whether you’re just looking to start Acarbose, or you’re interested in switching your subscription to a daily plan, there are a few things you should consider before making your decision.

First, decide whether your goals are short term or long term. Are you looking to reduce your risk for heart disease or stroke, or even further optimize your healthspan? If so, then one of our Acarbose Daily plans might best match your goals. If you’re looking to avoid immediate effects of sugar spikes like crashes and headaches, a smaller subscription may be appropriate.

Second, be honest with yourself and set realistic expectations. If you’re not ready to add a whole new treatment to your regiment, you can still casually reduce your risk with Acarbose As Needed. which is part of the reason why we designed multiple protocols.
Of course, if you’re unsure about which dosage is right for you, the best plan is to speak to our customer support team, or discuss your options with your prescriber. All you have to do to get started is start your free virtual visit. Our experts are always ready to walk you through all the benefits of our plans.

Note: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.