NAD+ & TMG: What’s the Connection?

NAD+ & TMG: What’s the Connection?

A quick overview of what we’ll cover in this blog post:

  • TMG and its role in the body
  • Why it’s important to take TMG with NAD+ supplements together

Whether you’ve been taking NAD+ supplements for a while or you’re relatively new to them, you probably know that NAD+ is an important part of your body’s regular function. As a naturally occurring enzyme in the body, NAD+ helps with a lot of essential functions, including helping cells create energy from nutrients. It’s also something that declines with age, causing many age-related illnesses. That’s why supplementation could help you live a healthier life.

But there’s also an important supplement called TMG that should be taken on days you supplement NAD+. Whether you’re familiar with TMG or not, we’ll break down what it is, why it’s important to take with NAD+, and where you can get it.

What is TMG’s Role in the Body?

Trimethylglycine, or TMG, is a type of betaine, and is a key player in a biological process called methylation.

Basically, methylation is the process by which cells “donate” methyl groups, or specific molecules, to other cells. These methyl groups help cells carry out key biological functions, such as the production of DNA or neurotransmitters.

TMG is important because it provides methyl groups to cells to carry out these functions (as the name suggests, it provides three methyl groups).

Why Take TMG and NAD+ Together?

So what’s this got to do with NAD+ supplements?

Well, according to research, taking NAD+ supplements can actually reduce methyl groups in the body. But how?

Basically, as your body uses NAD+, it gets broken down into waste that needs to be excreted from the body. In order to do this, however, a methyl group is required to transport it out of your body. So, the more NAD+ supplement you take, the faster your methyl groups are depleted. That’s why TMG can be an important co-supplement on days you take NAD+, ensuring your body still has healthy levels of methyl groups available for other vital functions.

TMG also plays a role in the breakdown of amino acids called homocysteines, which, while helpful for cell metabolism, can cause problems when their levels are too high, such as damage to blood vessels. So TMG generally is important to your overall health.

Where Can I Purchase TMG?

TMG supplements are pretty common and easy to find at a lot of different retailers, such as Amazon, LifeExtension, or really most vitamin and supplement shops.

So if you’ve been taking NAD+ supplements for a while, or are just starting them, check out TMG supplements to find the right option for you!