AgelessRx Webinar Recap: An Introduction to Aging Skin

We’ve got another recent webinar recap from AgelessRx! This time, it’s all about our innovative work with skin health as it relates to aging and longevity treatment.

The presentation, simply titled AgelessRx’s Introduction on Aging Skin, featured our very own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sajad Zalzala, and Tara Thompson, PharmD. Tara is the VP of Clinical Services at Innovation Compounding, a compound pharmacy specializing in health and hormones, allergy testing and treatment, weight loss, nutrition therapy, pain management, dermatology, cosmeceuticals, and myopia.

The web event was structured as an exclusive expert interview. In response to the line of questioning, Dr. Z and Dr. Thompson collectively provided a broad scope of information related to Aging and the longevity of skin–from the fundamental reasons skin ages to specific treatment methods, and the science behind various AgelessRx products (like Tretinoin and DMAE) that fall under the Aging Skin category.

Early in the recording, Dr. Z speaks to the vulnerability of the skin, and the fact that ultimately, a person’s skin is just “one of many organs in the body system…the most apparent…and one of the biggest as well.” When framed in this way – as an organ on the “outside,” as Dr. Z puts it – it’s easy to see why it’s also “most susceptible to external factors. What you eat, smoke, sun exposure, smog, even genetics have some components.” Those external forces play a massive role in one’s “ability or inability of being able to create various proteins and fat structures”. Whatever the cause, aging skin is primarily the result of deficiencies in nutritional compounds like collagen and elastin, among others.

Regarding methods commonly used to reverse skin aging, Dr. Z talks about some of the more invasive procedures used like PRP, stem cell treatment, botox and injectable fillers, laser resurfacing, and even plastic surgery, in some cases. On the other hand, Dr. Z, explains, the AgelessRx approach aligns with the company’s mission to make these longevity and anti-aging therapies as accessible as possible. To that end, aging skin treatment with AgelessRx features topical therapies easily deployable by telemedicine.

The conversation then shifted to the particular compounds and formulations made available through AgelessRx like Tretinoin. Dr. Thompson takes the lead here, providing some of the drug’s history as an acne treatment. According to Dr. Thompson, it was during clinical trials of Tretinoin as an acne therapy that researchers noticed improvements “not just from an acne standpoint, but in coloring, reducing wrinkles, helping with aging spots – your fine lines, your 11’s and crow’s feet.”

Dr. Thompson, a compound pharmacist by trade, also discusses the chemical makeup of both Tretinoin and DMAE, which AgelessRx offers as a “firming gel.” The discussion closes with a look at the latest research and results from various clinical studies of the AgelessRx skin aging therapies, and both Dr. Z and Dr. Thompson shared their expertise in response to a handful of other questions aimed to help potential customers better understand the use cases for and effectiveness of AgelessRx skin aging-related products in the most general sense.

While meant to be an introduction to the implications of skin aging and the products available to patients, the hour-long interview on skin aging is far from a simple overview. What we’ve recapped above, in fact, is just the tip of a deep, expansive, science-filled iceberg. The recording is also a great resource for anyone interested in less extreme, more accessible solutions to skin aging, as well as the longevity experts out there. Check out the full interview for free on YouTube.