AgelessRx Featured as ‘Innovators VS COVID 19’ on Startup.Info feature article 1

AgelessRx Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Zalzala, recently sat down with Startup.Info to discuss all things AgelessRx—including our work to provide convenient and affordable access to longevity prescriptions, such as Metformin and NAD+, that may help enhance your immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The SARS-CoV-2 virus has taught the importance of physiological resilience – older people die from COVID-19 at much higher rates not because the virus somehow knows the year they were born, but because the aging process makes the entire person more susceptible to disease. Therapies that increase health spans, such as metformin and NAD+ replacement, enhance the entire physiology and resilience of the immune system.

We [AgelessRx] have IRB approval for two (2) separate COVID-19 trials. We will evaluate these anti-aging therapies in both acute COVID-19 infection and what’s known as ‘post-COVID’ or long-COVID syndrome. We are hoping that this will lead to better acute outcomes and also shorter and more complete recovery from the post-COVID syndrome.”

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