ARX Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Zalzala, Featured on LDN Radio

AgelessRx Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Zalzala, recently sat down with Linda Elsegood of LDN Radio to discuss all things LDN. Check out the recording below to tune in!

“I have been prescribing LDN for years. I find it to be a very powerful tool to help with all sorts of conditions including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autoimmune disorders of all sorts, chronic infections, mood issues, and more. It is safe, affordable, and I find that for the majority of patients, it is effective. Patients on LDN report a better quality of life, and many tell me that they do not get sick as often.” – Dr. Zalzala, MD, CMO

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About Dr. Zalzala

Dr. Zalzala (“Dr. Z”) is a licensed physician in all 50 dates, including D.C. and Ontario, Canada. He is one of the nation’s most prominent experts on LDN and has been successfully prescribing it to patients for years.

About LDN Radio

LDN Radio Show is a unique resource, provided by the non-for profit LDN Research Trust, and provides audience an opportunity to Listen to LDN Prescribers, Researchers, and Pharmacists from around the world, and accounts of people who take LDN.