Most Common Metformin Questions

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If you’re thinking about adding Metformin to your longevity toolkit, AgelessRx is here to help! Below, we invite you to explore the top five most common Metformin questions, with answers from our expert prescribers.

What dosage of Metformin will I be prescribed?

Typical dosage consists of two (2) 500mg extended release (ER) pills totaling 1,000mg/daily. Your prescribed dosage will be determined by a licensed medical professional after considering your unique health profile.

Where does my Metformin come from?

Safety and purity of medications are top priorities at AgelessRx. One of the benefits of using our service is that all of our partnering pharmacies must use FDA Registered manufacturers and brands, such as TAGI, for Metformin.

Furthermore, our partnering pharmacies are accredited, meaning they are routinely inspected and undergo strict manufacturing and approval processes for safety and efficacy.

What are ways I can monitor my response to Metformin?

In the short term, patients report an improvement or lowering of blood sugar levels. This can be seen in the form of lower glucose and lower HbA1c levels. This can be seen through blood tests measuring HbA1c levels before/after starting Metformin, or more conveniently, using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM).

AgelessRx also offers biological age testing that you can use to see if Metformin is helping slow down your biological aging compared to your chronological aging. This test is typically done just before starting Metformin and again six months later.

Other patients report longer-term beneficial responses to Metformin, such as: less appetite, weight loss, more stable energy throughout the day, and better sleep.

How and when do I take Metformin?

AgelessRx recommends you begin with a small dose (½ or 1 tablet per day). Over a 10-day period, you will attempt to increase your Metformin dosage to what is prescribed. We recommend you try to take Metformin at the same time each day with a meal.

What happens if I want to adjust my Metformin dosage?

Within the first 30 days of your new Metformin prescription, AgelessRx will ask you to complete a brief New Patient Check-In. This will allow you to report any side effects and/or benefits to your new prescription, as well as your comfort with the prescribed dosage. At that time, you can request an adjustment to your Metformin prescription, if desired.

Even after your 30-day Check-In, you can always request adjustments to your Metformin dosage by emailing us with a quick request for the medical team to review. Use these most common Metformin questions as a guide throughout your journey.

In all cases, the medical team will make any dosage adjustments based on your medical history, feedback, as well as your longevity/health goals.

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