NAD+ & Muscle Recovery

NAD+ & Muscle Recovery

A quick overview of what we’ll cover in this blog post:

  • The role NAD+ plays in muscle function
  • How NAD+ can support effective recovery of damaged muscles

Waking up with sore muscles the morning after a strenuous workout is never fun. But what if soreness didn’t have to be an inevitable consequence of working out? Good news! While there are many post-workout supplements available, NAD+ is a great option because it’s a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that plays a key role in muscle function and cell regeneration. Keep reading to learn more!

NAD+ and Muscle Function

So first, what exactly is NAD+ and why is it important? As an enzyme, NAD+ actually has a ton of important functions in the body, such as helping with DNA repair and promoting healthy metabolism. But it’s most basic function is helping cells turn nutrients into energy. It does this by working with the mitochondria in cells (the “powerhouse” of the cell, if you recall from grade school).

And as you can imagine, muscles require a lot of energy. They do a lot, after all! That’s why there are often high levels of NAD+ in healthy muscle cells to help them function (and recover from damage) correctly. On the flip side, low NAD+ levels—which can happen when we get older—have a negative effect on muscle health and can cause muscles to deteriorate.

NAD+ and Muscle Recovery

So, NAD+ helps muscle cells create the energy they need to function. But when it comes to muscle recovery, NAD+ plays a bit of a more expanded role.

Let’s continue with our workout example. Strenuous workouts often cause microscopic damage to muscles that need to be repaired. To repair themselves, muscle cells need nutrients—that’s why it’s always recommended to eat after a workout so nutrients are present in your body for use. When muscles need repair, NAD+ plays a two-part role: it helps turn these nutrients into energy and sends signals to the body letting it know when and where nutrients are needed, boosting workout recovery.

What’s more, NAD+ doesn’t just help boost muscle recovery after exercise—it has also been shown to help with muscle deterioration due to age. That’s because proteins sometimes build up in cells and prevent the mitochondria from producing energy; NAD+, which works with the mitochondria, has proved helpful in reversing this deterioration!

Available NAD+ Forms

There are a number of options available for administering NAD+, ranging from over-the-counter supplements to patches to injections to IV infusions.

While all are helpful ways of supplementing NAD+, they have different levels of convenience and effectiveness. For example, IVs are more expensive than injections and require a visit to a clinic, while patches may offer a bit more comfort than an injection. The key is to choose a form that works best for you and your needs.

So if you’re looking for a new post-workout supplement, or are just interested in NAD+ supplementation to keep your muscles healthy overall, check out the range of NAD+ products offered by AgelessRx to find the right approach for you!