What is a Continuous Glucose Monitor?

What is a Continuous Glucose Monitor?

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  • What is a Continuous Glucose Monitoring system (CGM)?
  • What are the longevity benefits of using a CGM Sensor?
  • How does it work?

What is a Continuous Glucose Monitoring system (CGM)?

A Continuous Glucose Monitoring system, also known as CGM sensor, has become a popular device for health and longevity conscious individuals. The CGM sensor uses a thin, flexible filament inserted just under the skin to measure glucose levels every minute.

Using a smartphone or a standalone reader, you simply scan the CGM sensor at any time to get real-time readings on your glucose levels. The device was initially created for diabetics (replacing fingersticks) but is being used by many who are seeking actionable insight as to how lifestyle choices affect their blood glucose levels.

What are the longevity benefits of using a CGM Sensor?

CGM sensors provide real time results, along with a complete overview of your glucose levels, without ever needing to use a fingerstick. Not only does it show where your glucose is, it keeps record of your glucose history, and can indicate how it’s changing.

The easy and pain free monitoring allows you to determine how your diet, fasting, exercise, and stress influence your blood glucose levels. Furthermore, the comprehensive readings enable you to make better educated and informed changes to your lifestyle. Additionally, healthy blood sugar levels prevent weight gain and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Currently prescribed Metformin? If so, CGM sensors can be helpful to dial in the proper dosage (e.g. you may find that 1,500mg/day gives you optimal results over 1,000mg/day, for example). Be sure to consult with your doctor or healthcare professional prior to making any adjustments to your dose.

How does it work?

To use a CGM sensor, such as the 14-day FreeStyle Libre from Abbott, you use an NFC Enabled Smartphone (or other device), and the LibreLink app to effortlessly view your readings from the sensor. The CGM sensor can be worn for up to 14 days on the back of your arm. It measures interstitial fluids under the skin to provide readings, while exercising, showering, and even swimming.

What type of CGM does AgelessRx carry?

AgelessRx currently offers convenient prescription access to the 14-Day FreeStyle Libre from Abbott. The CGM sensor is used only with an NFC Enabled Smartphone (or other device); readers can be purchased separately.

CGMs are considered a medical device and, as such, a prescription is required. With AgelessRx, you can request a CGM prescription and, if approved, have the order fulfilled at one of our partnering pharmacies and shipped directly to you at home.

To learn more, or to request a CGM prescription, click here.