AgelessRx Donates to Support Biology of Aging Research

AgelessRx Donates to Support Biology of Aging Research

We recently shared a bit about our role in an upcoming research project through the University of California. Of course, we are talking about the PEARL study, a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial aimed at weighing the efficacy of Rapamycin as another tool in the longevity tool shed.

And while PEARL is super exciting, it is not the only way we stay connected with the wealth of innovation coming out of the longevity space. Most recently, AgelessRx presented a gift of $10,000 to the Michigan Medicine Division of Geriatric and Palliative Medicine Geriatrics Center to establish the “AgelessRx Biology of Aging Research Fund.” Anar Isman, our Co-Founder and CEO here at AgelessRx, noted that Dr. Richard Miller of University of Michigan’s School of Internal Medicine is “a leading researcher on the biology of aging.” Speaking of the gift, Isman expressed his hope that the gift “will enable Dr. Miller to make further strides in this area.”

At the end of the day, AgelessRx is an ecosystem composed not merely of longevity experts, but also the doctors and scholars whose practical experience in medicine, and in particular, aging-related disease, informs the work we do daily. To that end, we are fully committed to the role research plays in potential breakthroughs in longevity treatment, as well as medicine at large, and our ability to play a small role in streamlining innovation at a large scale.

Beyond the University of Michigan donation and our involvement in PEARL, AgelessRx is also proud to sponsor the Post-COVID-19 trial, a Pilot Study into Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), and NAD+ for Treatment of Patients with Post-COVID-19 Syndrome. You can read more about Post-COVID trials, the PEARL study, and all future research sponsorships and affiliations at