AgelessRx Platform Featured in Longevity.Technology

AgelessRx Platform Featured in Longevity.Technology

In November 2020, Anar Isman, the Co-Founder and CEO of AgelessRx, sat down with Longevity.Technology to talk all things PEARL, our ongoing IRB-approved human Rapamycin trial.

Recently, he sat down with the publication once again to dive deeper into AgelessRx’s online platform and its mission.

When asked about his vision for AgelessRx, Isman shared a personal story about his mother’s experience trying to obtain a prescription of Metformin for longevity purposes through her own primary care doctor. When her doctor refused, Isman had an epiphany: “I realized there really is an opportunity to provide access to longevity therapies to people that are having a hard time accessing them–and that’s how AgelessRx came about. … Our goal [at AgelessRx] is to provide access to longevity products, or therapies, that require a prescription to people in an accessible and affordable manner.”

Beyond simply making longevity products accessible, AgelessRx also aims to contribute to research on aging and make that research known to all. As stated in the Longevity.Technology article, AgelessRx aims “to use the data it collects from its supplements and prescriptions platform to analyze what products–and what combinations of products–pay the best dividends in terms of slowing and stopping aging.”

AgelessRx currently offers a range of longevity products, including Metformin, NAD+, and glutathione. In addition, AgelessRx also offers services, such as a personalized Longevity Consultation and Biological Age Test.

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