5 Self-Care Tips For Your Holiday Season

5 Self-Care Tips For Your Holiday Season

The holidays are often a time for reflection, goal-setting, festivities, looking back at the year gone by, and looking forward to the next. Sometimes they can be stressful, and sometimes they’re simply picture perfect. More often than not, they’re a blessed mix of those and more.

So, what’s up with the people who effortlessly cruise through the holidays, seemingly unaffected by the changing stress levels brought on by this time of year? That’s a good question, and we at AgelessRx believe it’s got something to do with proper self care. So, here’s five quick self-care tips for those interested in maintaining a healthy cruising attitude this holiday season.

Self-Care Tip #1: Catch Those Zzz’s

Sleep is the foundation all dreams are built on, and is an essential step needed for all healthy choices. Sleep states affect our physical health and mental well-being. In addition, good sleep helps focus our concentration, strengthens our immune system, and boosts overall productivity.

On the flip side, lack of sleep or poor sleep overall affects our entire outlook on life, and is often linked to depression. There’s plenty of research supporting the advantages of allowing ourselves ample time to rest and sleep. Even though it might be tougher during the holidays, try for 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Self-Care Tip #2: Manage How Your Energy is Spent

Self care also comes from being choosy about what you focus your energy on. Our energy is valuable and limited. So, of course we want to spend our resources focused on the right things.

To help manage your focused energy, we suggest looking at the holidays like a marathon, not a sprint. This simply means to understand the entire scope of what’s needed by you for the entire season, and then pace yourself.

Another great key to managing your energy is to be honest with yourself about what drains you, and what sustains you. With this honest approach to self care, you’ll know what to avoid when possible, and what to jump into when available. Avoid bending yourself out of shape this holiday by knowing where your energy is, where it’s going, and how much of it you’re willing to spend.

Want additional help for your energy levels? NAD+ can boost your mental clarity, increase your energy, and support an overall enhanced good mood.

Self-Care Tip #3: Show Love to Your Immune System

Great sleep and a healthy energetic outlook are two factors supporting your immune system. This amazing system works wonders, but it also needs your focused support in order to function properly, especially during stressful times (i.e. the holidays). In addition to sleep and an overall positive outlook, you can support your immune system by following a vitamin regimen geared toward your personal needs.

Need a little more? Consider supplementing with glutathione (or commonly known as GSH). In addition to its detoxification properties, GSH helps increase energy, mental clarity, and focus. Not to mention improves sleep, helps enhance athletic performance and recovery. And really, can’t the holidays sometimes feel like a marathon of sorts?

Self-Care Tip #4: Consider Meditation (There’s No Wrong Way to Do It!)

So much of self care comes down to our mental capacity to actually rest. Believe it or not, some people really have a tough time simply sitting still and allowing themselves to actually rest. Here’s where meditation can truly enhance your outlook. The hurdle to beginning a meditation practice is just that…how to begin? Here’s our quick routine:

  1. Find a spot. Stand, sit, or lay in that spot.
  2. Focus on your breathing. Try to breathe in-and-out at a steady pace. Some refer to this as “squared breathing.” This just means equal breath in, equal breath out. Use a 2- or 4-count in, hold at the top, and steadily release for a 2- or 4-count, with a slight hold at the bottom.
  3. Once your breathing is steady, simply observe the thoughts that will inevitably enter your head. Try to observe them without judging them, or getting pulled into one mental direction, this can be tough. Try to simply observe them, and allow them pass. This is meditation, the process of witnessing thoughts and letting them pass, without judging them or getting mentally pulled away by them.
  4. Try to find time to do this every day. The toughest part is getting started. Once you can commit to a daily routine, even for just 5 minutes at first, you’ll begin to feel the benefits.
  5. Increase the time dedicated to a meditation practice. Slowly but surely, you’ll master your breathing and thoughts, and this is where the magic of self care begins to shine.

Once you get this process down, you can move on to different forms of meditation. Perhaps you meditate on the meaning of the holidays. Perhaps you meditate on what it means to be healthy. Perhaps you meditate on your life. Truly, even just 5 minutes a day will help. See for yourself.

Self-Care Tip #5: Unplug

Technology and social media have been in the news a lot lately, and not necessarily for good reasons. The draw to “go for a scroll on social media” is strong, it’s actually made to be that way. We may even scroll on our devices and think we are “relaxing.” Truthfully, whatever we get out of social media is everything but relaxing. You’ll find far more self-care benefits with a “stroll down the street,” rather than a “scroll down the screen.” Regardless of how, getting away from devices helps reduce looming stress and anxiety. Unplugging allows you more mental focus for the important things during the holidays, like gratitude, appreciation, and the simple pleasures of remaining present in the moment.

Regardless of how you find self care, consider it a necessity. Remember: You can’t be your best at taking care of others if you’re not first taking care of yourself. Self care starts with you.

Happy Holidays!