Dr. Zalzala Featured on Happy Whole You Podcast

Dr. Zalzala Featured on Happy Whole You Podcast

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sajad Zalzala, recently sat down with the host of Happy Whole You to talk all things AgelessRx and anti-aging.

About the Episode

In this most recent episode (#45), Happy Whole You host Anna Marie and Dr. Sajad Zalzala sat down to talk about AgelessRx’s focus on helping patients live longer by accelerating the progress and adoption of therapies that prevent age-related diseases, and which reverse age-related damage. Specifically, they talk about the effects of premature aging during COVID times, and what you can implement into your longevity routine to help fight off the virus.

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About Dr. Zalzala

Dr. Zalzala combines the unique qualities of an experienced doctor passionate about disease prevention and longevity with the strategic vision and skills of a serial entrepreneur. Dr. Zalzala has been passionate about slowing and reversing age-related diseases for 20 years. In fact, he is one of the rare MD’s personally licensed in all 50 states, as well as Washington D.C. and Ontario. He has extensive experience working with startup companies in the telemedicine/telehealth field and has been an advisor to multiple successful healthcare startups, including Pill Club, Jack Health, forHims, and now AgelessRx.

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