The Longevity Declaration: Making Aging History

The Longevity Declaration: Making Aging History

Quick overview of what we’ll cover in this blog post:

  • What’s the Dublin Longevity Declaration
  • The goals of the Declaration
  • How this could impact longevity science
  • Where you can sign!

In August, 70 of the most recognizable names in longevity gathered to discuss the future of aging at the second annual Longevity Summit Dublin.

Here, they joined forces to call upon world leaders to prioritize research into extending lifespan, a move they predict could improve the quality of life for billions of people worldwide.

But just what is the Longevity Declaration, and what does this mean for the future of longevity research?

What Is the Longevity Declaration?

The Longevity Declaration was discussed by the most renowned speakers at the Longevity Summit Dublin ahead of its kickoff on August 17, 2023, where it was expanded and initiated by the rest of the speakers. Among the initial signatories are acclaimed experts such as Nir Barzilai, Vera Gorbunova, Steve Austad, María Blasco, Brian Kennedy, Matt Kaeberlin, and Aubrey de Grey.

The Declaration itself proposes to leaders and experts across a variety of industries that aging, and specifically how we age, must be considered as a disease that can be remedied, allowing advancements to be immediately funded and expanded.

This may seem a simple statement to some. But the reality remains that the wider medical community has been reluctant to accept many treatments that have been recently championed in longevity research.

By gathering the voices of leading scientists and researchers, the hope is to announce that the time has come to finally change the way we address aging in the healthcare industry.

Why Should We Redefine Aging?

Over 150,000 people die of age-related diseases every day, each death leaving a gap in a loved one’s life. Meanwhile, scientists have been making astounding progress to unravel the mysteries of aging. As research continues, it becomes clearer every day that we can reduce this number.

Our current healthcare system, though, doesn’t treat aging as a preventable disease, but rather treats disease as it occurs. By redefining aging as a disease that can be modified, rather than an unfortunate inevitability, we can improve the quality of life for countless people worldwide.

So, the questions emerge: if we can, then why not? What better time than now?

How Could This Change Healthcare?

The scientists behind the Longevity Declaration believe that even just a 1-year extension of our healthy years could save upwards of $38 trillion per year in healthcare costs alone, with benefits spreading across industries.

This could not only allow researchers to better focus their research efforts, but could also call for a complete overhaul of the healthcare industry as we know it.

Think, for instance, of a woman with a family history of heart disease. Currently, modern healthcare diverts the bulk of treatment after heart disease emerges, rather than taking steps to address the underlying causes of heart disease.

If doctors were able to take comprehensive steps to act on her heart disease before it emerges, this would save on time and healthcare costs for both the woman and her healthcare providers.

By reshaping our view of healthcare to focus on proactive care, we could improve billions of people’s quality of life into old age and change the clinical approach to aging, creating a world in which disease and suffering are reduced to the smallest fraction of late age.

How Can I Show My Support?

The Longevity Declaration is open to the public to sign. The more who add their voices to this growing call to action, the louder the call becomes.

We also hosted an Ask AgelessRx Anything exclusive webinar with Dr. Aubrey de Grey to discuss why this is such a pivotal moment in longevity, in which he described the declaration as “a consensus declaration signed by a large majority of the luminaries in the longevity field.”

If you agree that the goal of extending human lifespan and healthspan is vital, you too can sign the Dublin Declaration (and spread the word!).

Click here to sign the Dublin Longevity Declaration!

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