Introducing the Core Longevity Panel

Introducing the Core Longevity Panel

The Core Longevity Panel

The Core Longevity Panel is a convenient lab-based blood test that provides a snapshot of your longevity and age-related health. Developed by AgelessRx experts (including our very own, Dr. Z!), the panel looks at specific markers of various age-related diseases. Specifically, the Core Longevity Panel detects risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, and inflammation as they exist in the blood.

Relevant Biomarkers

Our lab-based blood panel measures ten critical biomarkers of age-related illnesses: heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance (a precursor of diabetes), and inflammation (linked to autoimmune disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, certain cancers, and more). Each of these is a general health concern or veritable medical condition among the top ten leading causes of death in the US.

Benefits of the Core Longevity Panel

If a blood panel is meant to be a snapshot of our overall health, then certainly the lab work that precedes our annual physicals are not enough. So much can change in a year! Just consider these last 24 months – how different life is from three, six, and twelve months ago.

Sample Core Longevity Panel Results

Beyond that, lab and diagnostic reporting are comprehensive to a fault. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming, and it’s easy to see how questions regarding one’s health remain unanswered amid such dense reporting.

The Core Longevity Panel clarifies all the technical terminology and reference ranges. The lab-based test kit offers a high-level overview of age-related health that zeros in on the data most pertinent to longevity.

Each panel is physician-reviewed, and results are available in an ongoing, digital format within two weeks. The quick turnaround and increased accessibility to information allow users to monitor longevity health more consistently than is possible through annual lab work.

Core Longevity Data & Insights

The Core Longevity Panel looks at ten specific biomarkers shown to affect life-span and which the medical community accepts as reliable predictors of age-related disease. The large majority of the panel is standard in annual testing, however, there is some data gleaned from the core panel for which doctors do not typically screen. The results of the test ultimately provide a snapshot of one’s core health by assessing the most pervasive potential risks to longevity.

The ten biomarkers include:

  • ApoB
  • LDL
  • HDL
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Glucose
  • HbA1c
  • Insulin
  • hs-CRP

You can find a full overview of the Core Longevity Panel and a comprehensive breakdown of each biomarker screened here!

The Process

Nearly every aspect of our economy has been pushed to simplify and become more convenient. And yet, healthcare and medical research seem to have hung on inconvenience and what can sometimes feel like overcomplexity.

At its core (pun totally intended) the AgelessRx Core Longevity Panel makes longevity health data available to the masses – not just a select few. The core panel is a simple, 3-step, lab-based test that anyone can use to gather valuable data regarding longevity health.

How it Works

  1. Upon purchase, we’ll generate a physician-ordered requisition for you to complete your labs.
  2. Schedule your blood draw at a date/time convenient for you. The lab will take care of the rest. (View Lab Locations)
  3. Within two weeks, you will receive accurate and physician-reviewed results. These results are digitally available on an ongoing basis for your reference.

How to Get Started

The Core Longevity Panel is currently available as a one-time purchase at $95 per test. Begin monitoring longevity health markers in a convenient, accessible format, and with more consistency than ever before. Learn more or order your kit here.