Longevity Profile: The Illusion of Knowledge by Harold Katcher

The Illusion of Knowledge Longevity Profile

Has the aging problem largely been solved already?

In May last year, a scientific pre-print claiming results that simply seemed too good to be true sent shockwaves through the aging research community. In fact, the results were so incredible that even the paper’s lead author, the world-renowned geneticist and ‘Godfather of Epigenetic Clocks’ Steve Horvath, didn’t believe them at first.

If what is being claimed – the dramatic systemic rejuvenation of lab rats – can be reproduced in humans, this paper will herald the biggest breakthrough in the history of medicine. As David Sinclair put it, “If this finding holds up, rejuvenation of the body may become commonplace within our lifetimes, able to systemically reduce the risk of the onset of several diseases in the first place or provide resilience to a wide variety of infections.”

The man behind this potentially world-changing discovery is Dr. Harold Katcher.

Through nine fascinating chapters, Dr. Katcher’s new book The Illusion of Knowledge tells the story of his life and how it led him to ‘E5’, his patented blood-based rejuvenation serum which is currently in trials on dogs.

The title is a reference to Dr. Katcher’s 2009 epiphany that “everything I had been taught (and had myself taught) about aging was false.” As he explains in the book, Dr. Katcher believes that cellular aging is a myth. Rather, he believes “the cell’s age is determined by its cellular environment” and that by simply adding “pro-youthening” factors to the blood, we should be able to turn back the clock on all the cells in our bodies, driving whole-body rejuvenation.

The Illusion of Knowledge is now available as an eBook on Amazon, and will be released in hardcopy on September 4. If you’re interested in keeping up with the bleeding edge of anti-aging biotech, The Illusion of Knowledge is highly worth the read.

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About Harold Katcher

Born in 1944, Dr. Katcher is a professor of biology with a long career of important discoveries, the most famous of which was helping identify the breast cancer gene (BRCA1) in 1994. He was the Academic Director for Natural Sciences for the Asian Division of the University of Maryland Global Campus, and is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Yuvan Research Inc.