Tips for Making Your Longevity Routine a Habit

Tips for Making Your Longevity Routine a Habit

If you recently introduced a new treatment to your longevity routine and find yourself struggling to make it into a habit, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with forming new habits, whether it be we simply forget or are not feeling our best. We’re here to help!

Getting into the habit of incorporating a new treatment into your longevity routine can start in very small and simple ways. Below, we’ve included some of our very own tips that may help you build a routine into your daily lifestyle.

Tip #1: Set Reminders

When our memory is less than perfect, reminders can be an easy way to remind yourself to take your medication or apply your treatment at the same time daily/weekly/monthly. Reminders can come in many forms:

  • Set an alarm on your smartphone
  • Create an email or text alert
  • Mark it on a calendar you look at regularly (whether on your phone, desk, or refrigerator)
  • Leave a post-it note in a place you look everyday (i.e. the bathroom mirror or next to the coffee pot)

Tip #2: Use a Pillbox

Pillboxes can be a cheap and effective way to ensure you take your medication or apply your treatment each day. Keep your pillbox in an area where it’s highly visible. If it’s out of sight, the greater the chance it is also out of mind.

Using a pillbox can also ensure you do not double up on dosages (especially if you can’t recall when you took it last). You can also include any vitamins, supplements, etc. within the pillbox—it does not just have to be for a single medication.

Tip #3: Create a Self-Care Ritual

You may find that carving out a few minutes each morning or evening to take your medication/treatment while practicing self-care is beneficial. It doesn’t have to be a big chunk of time—even 10 or 15 minutes. For example, in the morning, you may take a few minutes to drink hot coffee or tea, read the news, meditate, or stretch. Incorporate your medication or longevity treatment at this time.

Tip #4: Break Out of Autopilot

Ari Tuckman, a clinical psychologist and author, recommends making a point of noticing when you take your medication. For example, before taking a Tuesday dose, look at the medication in your hand and say to yourself, “I’m taking Tuesday’s pill now.” This will provide a specific memory trace for that day’s dose.

Tip #5: Enlist Loved Ones Help

It can always help to have someone who understands you and your needs to help support you through treatment. Ask for help from a loved one to remember to take your medication or treatment, whether it be a gentle verbal reminder or a quick text. It could also be a high-five after you’ve taken your medication or treatment as an additional positive reinforcement.

“When there’s a will, there’s a way.” An old English proverb that is old as time but still so relevant. If you have the will to make this a habit, you will find a way!