Wegovy™ for Weight Loss

Wegovy™ for Weight Loss

As we age, and our lives become fuller, it’s easy to fall into poor nutritional habits as we choose a quick fix over genuine sustenance. We vow we’ll tighten it up for the summer, or when things at work or within our families settle down. Realizing our adult lives will never perfectly fit our health and fitness journey, we take that first big step, and commit to change.

But in the thralls of weight loss after 30, the chips seem stacked against us. Not only are our lives less hospitable to our goals, but research demonstrates that as we age, our bodies require less energy. The calories we once used efficiently have accumulated throughout as pesky fat.

It is this precise scenario that finds so many individuals stalling on their weight loss journeys. Fortunately, innovators in health have made tools like Wegovy™ available to help jump-start progress and see us through plateaus.

What is Wegovy™

Wegovy™ is an FDA-approved semaglutide injection proven to aid in weight loss and long-term weight management. The active ingredient, semaglutide, has traditionally been used to treat type 2 diabetes–and it has also proven effective for non-diabetics.

Semaglutide works by helping the pancreas release appropriate levels of insulin to address high blood sugar levels. The insulin helps move sugar from the blood into other body tissues where it is used for energy. This helps mitigate some of the fat storage that occurs when caloric intake is disproportionate to activity.

While other semaglutide-based injections exist, Wegovy™ is unique in that it is explicitly approved for weight loss at 2.5mg/week. Other popular semaglutide injections, like Ozempic for example, are only prescribed to diabetics and at a lower dose of 1mg/week.

Another benefit of Wegovy™ is that it is administered just once weekly. Another similar medication, Saxendaa, features liraglutide rather than semaglutide as its active ingredient, and as a result, must be taken daily.

Who Should Take Wegovy™?

Wegovy is a long-term weight-loss solution for adults with a body mass index of 27 or higher. This is the point at which an individual is characterized as overweight from a clinical standpoint.

Ideal Wegovy™ candidates should also possess at least one health condition related to weight. These can include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol, for example. A licensed healthcare professional can help determine if Wegovy™ is right for you.

For these individuals, Wegovy™’s potential as a weight management tool is optimized when concurrent with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise regimen.

Benefits of Wegovy™

Wegovy™ accelerates weight loss and aids in weight management by regulating appetite and caloric intake. The weight loss efficacy of Wegovy™ is undeniable, and in one study, adult Wegovy™ users lost ~35lbs or 15% body weight.

As a result of weight loss achieved using Wegovy™, those treated often see improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels. These outcomes are made possible through a convenient, injectable pen shipped directly to prescribed users.

What makes Wegovy™ unique is its ability to help accelerate weight loss and, over time, help keep the weight off.

Where to Request Wegovy™

You can discuss if Wegovy™ is right for you with your healthcare provider.

If you do not have access to a provider, free medical evaluations are available through AgelessRx to determine if you are a viable candidate for Wegovy™. If approved, our medical professionals will write a prescription for you, set you up with a guided titration schedule, fulfill your prescription at one of our partnering pharmacies, and offer free on-going support as needed.

Wegovy™ is billed and dispensed monthly through a certified pharmacy, and you can cancel at any time before a shipment. To learn more about Wegovy™ and if it could be right for you, visit AgelessRx online.