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What is Low Dose Naltrexone?

Background and history

Low Dose Naltrexone, commonly referred to as LDN, is as its name would suggest: a low dose of naltrexone. Naltrexone (at higher dosages) has been FDA approved for over 30 years. It is FDA approved for two conditions:

  • It is FDA-approved to assist with substance dependence at a standard dose of 50-150mg
  • It is FDA-approved for weight loss in combination with Bupropion, at a dose of 32mg

What clinicians have more recently discovered is that at much lower doses (1/10th), LDN has completely different effects. Low Dose Naltrexone was shown to have remarkable benefits in the clinical setting as well as in clinical trials. So much so, that:

LDN has an outstanding safety record (even at the approved large doses, let alone at 1/10th of the dose).

LDN Benefits

What symptoms is LDN most likely to help with?

LDN is known to help with variety of chronic inflammation related / auto-immune conditions, such as:

Why does LDN have potential benefits for a variety of symptoms?

There are several theories for why LDN is effective:

  • LDN lowers chronic inflammation
  • LDN stimulates the body to naturally produce more endogenous opioids, which has variety of positive benefits (including beneficial effect on the immune system)
  • LDN increases production of endorphins 2x
LDN and Longevity

LDN and longevity

Based on the mechanisms of action and previous research, we hypothesize that Low Dose Naltrexone lowers chronic inflammation and modulates the immune system, which may prevent the onset of various chronic conditions and may delay the development of age-related health issues. Given that LDN may promote immune cell proliferation, wound healing, and reduce inflammation, it’s highly likely that LDN will be shown to have longevity benefits. Click here to learn more about Longevity and LDN and Longevity.

Our commitment to continuous research

Research is core to our mission at AgelessRx, and we spend considerable efforts advancing science in a transparent manner. We are working on two IRB-approved clinical trials that include LDN:

Our Commitment to Continuous Research
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How do I request an LDN prescription?

With AgelessRx, we provide access to a licensed medical professional, a prescription, and delivery of the medication to your home. You can get started with a medical evaluation and request in less than 10 minutes.

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