AgelessRx Observational Initiative

Observational Initiative
How does it work?

AgelessRx has a team dedicated to the prioritization and management of research projects. If you are currently taking an AgelessRx product or purchasing a new product with AgelessRx that qualifies you to participate in the observational trial, you will be presented with more information and an informed consent form – either as a part of your product intake, via the AgelessRx patient platform, or by email. 

How do I know if I qualify?

All patients aged 25-100 that are prescribed medication and/or products via AgelessRx telemedicine platform are qualified to participate. However, not every product will have an active collection project. You will be notified of what additional tests and data sharing opportunities that you qualify for based on the medication and/or products you are taking with AgelessRx.

What makes this an observational study?

In this study, we will look to answer research questions based on what is observed and what you report. You will continue to use the medication and/or products as prescribed by your AgelessRx prescriber. Based on these products and/or medications, you may qualify for additional testing that you may opt-in to. You will be provided all results of any additional tests.

Is there a cost to participate?

Certain tests may require additional participant funding, but you will have the opportunity to opt-in to these tests. We’ve worked out special pricing with our testing partners to make tests available to you at a significantly discounted cost. You will not be charged anything without your knowledge and approval, and any costs will be transparent to you.

Where can I review the Informed Consent form?

You can view the Observational Mini Trials Patient Consent form here.

Active efforts

Biobanking Effort

This effort specifically focuses on the effect of AgelessRx products on various longevity-centered endpoints in the long term. The overarching goal of this effort is to create and utilize a repository of eligible samples to use for longevity research.

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Rapamycin Study: Immune Status and PhenoAge

This effort specifically focuses on Rapamycin’s effects on blood biomarkers, Rapamycin’s effect on physiological age, measured by PhenoAge, and Rapamycin’s effect on immune systems status, measured by the Immune System Questionnaire (ISQ).

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