How to Prepare for Your Quest Blood Draw

How to Prepare for Your Quest Blood Draw

Quick overview of what we’ll cover in this blog post:

  • How to schedule your blood draw
  • What you should do to prepare for your test
  • When to bring your requisition form

While shots and syringes may have become less frightening to us since childhood, they can still be just as big of a hassle as an adult. Even in a telehealth setting, where everything is supposed to be as convenient as possible, sometimes it’s still necessary to take blood samples.

But why do we need a blood draw for some of our products, and how can a telehealth service like AgelessRx make them as simple as possible?

Well, our blood hides myriad secrets about our longevity and our overall well-being. Perhaps someday soon, our technology will advance so far that experts can analyze our biomarkers of aging as simply as they can flip on their favorite show. Until then, though, we’ll be relying on our friends at Quest Diagnostics.

In the meantime, here are some tips to help make your blood draw as quick and painless as…well, as simple as possible.

Scheduling Your Blood Draw

So, you purchased a product that requires a blood draw, or your AgelessRx prescriber asked you for one. What now?

The first thing you should know is that all of our blood draws are handled through Quest Diagnostics. You will never need to provide insurance, as the cost of the test is already included in the price of the product.

However, you’ll still need to make your appointment at your local Quest laboratory – with over 2,000 locations nationwide, you should have no problem! Just follow the links provided in your product instructions email. Once you click the link, follow these steps:

  • Select “All Other tests” as the reason for your visit
  • Enter your zip code to locate your nearest lab
  • Choose the best date & time for you
  • Enter your contact information
  • Skip insurance information

Once your appointment is made, all you have to do is get ready for your date!

General Tips to Help You Prepare

We do as much as we can on our end to make sure that the following is all you have to think about leading up to your appointment:

  1. Follow your prescriber’s instructions regarding prescribed medications
    Though rare, certain medications and supplements can interfere with the results of lab tests. Your prescriber will always let you know if you’ll have to halt any of your current medications before your blood draw, but be clear and transparent about everything you’re currently taking during your virtual visit.
  2. Fast for 8 hours prior to your appointment
    All of our blood tests require fasting to ensure the best results. Eating at any time within 8 hours of your test will interfere with your results, which will require another blood test. Try to only consume water while fasting, as certain beverages like juice, soda, and coffee can also affect your results. You must fast for at least 8 hours before your blood draw, so be sure to time your fast correctly! For morning appointments, we recommend that you stop eating at midnight, and skip that morning coffee!
  3. Drink only water, and plenty of it!
    While fasting, it’s best to consume only water. However, this also helps our friends at Quest find your vein much easier, so stay well hydrated!

Requisition Forms: To Bring or Not to Bring

In some cases, you’ll be required to bring the requisition form that we send to you and bring it with you for your appointment. This type of form is known as a one-time Quest Requisition Form (QRF). We always send your QRF to you in PDF format well ahead of your test.

You can either print out your requisition to bring with you as a physical copy, or alternatively, you can also show the PDF version from your phone. You must provide this upon check-in, or you may have to reschedule your appointment.

Products that require you to bring your one-time QRF with you to your appointment include:

  • Core Longevity Panel
  • Longevity Consultation
  • Grail Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test
  • Lab-Based Phenotypic Blood Test

Rapamycin is our only offering that will not require you to bring a requisition form with you to the appointment; this will already be with the lab upon your arrival.

When we order blood tests for Rapamycin, we create a standing lab order with Quest. Standing lab orders create a requisition for you in Quest Diagnostics’ regional lab offices for your state, so your requisition will automatically be sent to your nearest Quest location when you make your appointment.

If you’re ever unsure about when to bring your requisition form, or if you need any other guidance on how to prepare, we’re here to help! We’re always within reach, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.