What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your AgelessRx Order

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your AgelessRx Order

Quick overview of what we’ll cover in this blog post:

  • Setting shipping expectations
  • The difference between compound & processing
  • Which products require special preparation
  • How long your order should take to arrive

If you were to reduce the current time period to shipping expectations, ours would undoubtedly be the age of Amazon: the company’s weblike logistic network has transformed the digital retail space, to the point where most consumers won’t settle for less than quick delivery and cheap prices.

Still, there are precious few who can match their coveted two-day turnaround, and when it comes to healthcare and pharmaceutical retail, quicker doesn’t always mean better.

In fact, that’s our stance at AgelessRx. We and our pharmacy partners take the time to ensure that every order and shipment meets the highest quality of safety and efficacy, so you get not only the best available product, but the best possible outcomes.

But what goes into those quality assurances, and why do AgelessRx deliveries take longer than two days? Well, the answer varies depending on which product you order, as each demands a unique approach.

Compounding & Processing

First, though, we need to break down the difference between compounding and processing. These are commonplace pharmaceutical terms that essentially describe whether a medication needs to be produced from scratch, or if it just needs to be shipped to you.

To illustrate, think of the difference between a bakery and a restaurant. While both sell bread, only the bakery makes the bread fresh each day – the restaurant just purchases the bread from the bakery to fill their own menu.

This is similar to how our pharmacies operate: some products must be created fresh from our compounding pharmacies, while other products are pre-compounded by other companies and quality checked by our partners.

Which orders are processed?

Technically, all AgelessRx orders must be processed. The term “processing” just means that our pharmacies receive your prescription, verify your information, and ship it to you.

Some orders only require processing and don’t need to be compounded. This is like receiving a plate of bread at a restaurant as an amuse-bouche for your meal: though there’s still a bit of a wait to prepare the dish, it arrives much quicker.

When you make an order with AgelessRx, the prescription is sent to one of our partner pharmacies who has your order in stock. The pharmacy will then match the order to your profile and ensure that the shipment matches the quantity and dosage you need. They will also ensure that the shipment is in line with your doctor-guided titration schedule. Quality checks are performed both when bulk shipments arrive at the pharmacies, and before your shipment is packaged and delivered.

Processing normally takes about 5 business days, including shipping time, and up to 7 business days. AgelessRx products that only require processing include Metformin, Acarbose, Atorvastatin, Tadalafil, and Ozempic. These are usually compounded in large quantities by other companies so that they’re readily available, allowing us to deliver your shipment quicker.

Which orders are compounded?

Some bakeries make breads that match a specific taste, like bazlama or tiger bread. These wouldn’t be in an amuse-bouche at a restaurant, so to enjoy them, you’d have to go to the bakery, take a ticket, and wait for a fresh batch.

Similarly, some of our offerings are so specialized that they’re not widely produced by other companies. In these cases, we partner with compounding pharmacies that can develop the medication for you.

We at AgelessRx pride ourselves on our ability to deliver relatively uncommon medications that provide relief to our subscribers when other options have failed. This hinges on the compounding capabilities of our pharmacy partners, which may require a few extra business days to get to you.

Compounding describes the process of combining medical ingredients to create the prescription medication that we would normally expect to see. This includes capsules and tablets that we would expect to find in an Rx bottle, as well as liquid solutions for injections. Compounding may be as simple as grinding medications into powder form so that they can be condensed into pill form. It may also be as complex as using sucrose as a filler to prevent allergic reactions.

All of our compounding pharmacies are 503A pharmacies, with pharmacists on site to produce smaller, more specialized product batches. The vast majority of these pharmacies also have their facilities and manufacturing processes reviewed and certified by a third-party accrediting organization to ensure the highest quality standards.

By partnering with compounding pharmacies, we’re able to deliver niche or otherwise hard-to-find medications that other companies simply can’t offer. But this also demands a bit more time to ensure that each order meets our exceptional quality standards. As such, shipments that require processing and compounding normally arrive within 7 business days.

Below is a list of all AgelessRx products that require compounding:

Which orders require special preparation?

Our quality standards are a step above many comparable companies, though we strive to meet the shipping expectations set by others with less stringent requirements.

Our NAD+ and Glutathione (GSH) products may take a little extra time to prepare because of the quality standards we’ve set. NAD+ and Glutathione (GSH) must be matured before they’re ready to be used. Our partner pharmacies create these orders in batches, and filling schedules depend on the maturation of the batch. Most such orders arrive within 8 business days, but may take up to 10 business days.

These products are also temperature sensitive. Some of our compounding pharmacies produce NAD+ and Glutathione (GSH) products so that they remain stable through shipping and do not require refrigeration.

Our other compounding pharmacies must ship these products in refrigerated packaging so the quality doesn’t decline in transit; these pharmacies only ship such orders between Monday and Wednesday. The product will never spoil or stop being effective, but shipping after Wednesday may cause the shipment to be delayed over the weekend, and we would rather not take the chance of decreasing your potential outcomes with products that arrive in less-than-perfect condition. After all, what good is a baguette if it comes to your table stale and broken?

TLDR – How long until my shipment arrives?

Most of our products only require processing by our partner pharmacies. Orders that only require processing typically arrive within 5-7 business days.

Some of our products must be compounded, or created from scratch, then processed. These orders typically arrive within 7-9 business days:

  • LDN
  • B12 & B12/MIC
  • Tretinoin
  • DMAE
  • Powers’ Hair Solution

A small minority of our products require extra preparation, including maturation and temperature preservation. These orders typically arrive within 8-10 business days:

  • NAD+ products
  • Glutathione (GSH) products

You can always check the status of your order by signing into your AgelessRx portal, then navigating to your Orders tab. Select the Manage option by the product in question and click on the link next to the truck icon. This will redirect you to the tracking details for your order. If the text isn’t clickable, just check back in a little bit: we will update tracking information as soon as it’s provided.